March 2016

Welcome Spring!
Our Winter Session at Spanda Yoga is now finished. The week of February 29th is our promo week when classes are only $10.00 to drop in.

Our Spring Session begins on Monday March 7th. To see the Spring Schedule, please click here

Please note that Catherine’s classes are cancelled until March 7th.

Valerie’s class on Thursday March 3rd at 5:15 p.m. is also cancelled for this week only.

Students may register for the 8 week session, pay per class to drop in or purchase a 10 class pass which is valid for 6 months. We accept cash or cheque.

Spanda Yoga will be closed on Friday March 25th and Monday March 28th for the Easter Weekend.


Workshop with Todd Norian – Ashaya Yoga
May 20 – 22, 2016

Creating a Radiant Heart, Sharp Mind and Vibrant Body

We are very excited to be hosting Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga and internationally renowned yoga teacher, for a wonderful weekend workshop May 20th – 22nd, 2016 at Brescia University College Auditorium.

Ashaya Yoga blends therapeutic alignment techniques with empowering and spiritually uplifting philosophy. With warmth and humor, Todd excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. Todd welcomes students of all levels to awaken to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality, and fulfilment.

Registration is now open. Space is limited so register early to ensure your spot! Please click here for details.  

photo from June 2015 workshop at Brescia with Todd
To read more about Ashaya Yoga, please click here

Restorative Yoga
Valerie will offer a Restorative Yoga Class on Sunday March 27th from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Give yourself the gift of time to consciously relax your body and rest your mind. There are still a few spaces left and registration is required. Please call, email or register in person. Fee is $14.00. 


Spring Equinox and Practices
The spring equinox occurs on March 20, 2016 at 6:29 a.m. (EDT). This equinox, also known as the vernal equinox, happens when the Sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north. It marks the halfway point between the Winter and Summer Solstices. It is also considered to be the first day of Spring.

Although we have experienced a fairly mild winter, we welcome the first signs of Spring – the early flowering bulbs, longer hours of nourishing sunlight and a gradual warming of the earth. However, we may find ourselves sluggish from the winter, feeling overwhelmed and experiencing seasonal allergies.

The predominate elements of Spring are fire and water – pitta and kapha. Too much fire and water taxes our bodies, which can lead to inflammation. To create harmony, we need to shed the excess of winter and balance the amount of fire and water in our systems.

Spring is ruled by the liver and gallbladder, our main organs for cleansing and processing toxins. The seasonal equinox is a good time for many, in consultation with your health practitioner, to consider a cleanse to support optimal functioning of these organs. The excess of winter is all about sweet, heavy comfort foods. Now is the time to begin to make gradual changes.You could try eliminating one or more of the following: sugar, alcohol, dairy, caffeine, cooked oils and red meat for a short period of time just to give your body a rest. 

When we are balanced we experience the creativity, action and ideas of pitta or fire while being able to go with the flow of kapha or water. The wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda helps us live in balance with the seasons of the earth, which is challenging in our modern urban world.

In our yoga practice, we create balance by focusing on twists, hip openers and Sun Salutations to help eliminate the heaviness and sluggishness of winter, improve digestion and circulation as well as bringing a refreshing sense of well being to the body.

Reference: Ayurvedic Tips for a Vibrant Spring – – click here


“A light exists in Spring
Not present in the year
at any other period
When March is scarcely here.”
–  Emily Dickinson 
A Note of Thanks


“To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven” – Ecclesiastes 3
A heartfelt thank you to everyone for supporting me and my family through the recent loss of my dear dad. During these past difficult months and especially the last few weeks I have been deeply touched by the abundant kindness of others. I appreciate Julie and Valerie filling in for me at Spanda Yoga and Valerie’s continued work to keep things afloat in my absence. I plan to resume teaching yoga classes on Monday, March 7th so I hope to see you then. Om Shanti – Peace – Catherine

We look forward to seeing you at Spanda Yoga!

Catherine and Valerie

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