Catherine Heighway


I have been teaching yoga for over 25 years. My first teacher training was in the Sivananda tradition in 1990. I  went on to study other styles including Esther Myers in Toronto and Kripalu Yoga Centre in Lenox, Massachusetts.

I  met Todd Norian and Ann Greene in 2006 and studied extensively with them. In May, 2008 I completed a Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher training with Todd and Ann in Massachusetts, now called Ashaya Yoga. I have assisted Todd at numerous trainings, workshops and conferences.

 One of the things that I love about yoga from a Tantric perspective is that it creates a spiritually uplifting experience in class and has wonderful practical applications to life off the mat. It is my great joy to help students find their unique expression of the postures through honouring all levels of ability. I strive to create classes that are welcoming, accepting and inspiring.
My life long fascination with the mythology of yoga is influenced by my 17 years as a student of East Indian Classical Dance. In 2008, I performed my Arangetram – solo show and graduated from the Natya Raji School of Dance in London. 
Along with my colleague Valerie Hobson of Spanda Retreats, I offer yoga and meditation retreats locally. I also teach yoga and lead journaling groups at Wellspring London, the cancer support centre at the YMCA – Centre Branch. In addition, I have recently completed training with Veriditas to deepen my understanding and refine my role as a leader of labyrinth walks.