Class Descriptions

GENTLE YOGA AND MEDITATION: Students will learn easy, basic yoga poses as well as simple breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Ideal for brand new beginners or for students with limited experience as well as those wishing to practice at a slower more gentle pace. 

MIXED LEVEL YOGA: Students will build on their foundation in yoga, exploring more challenging poses and working more deeply with breath, meditation and yoga philosophy. Poses will be offered in varying levels of difficulty in a safe progressive way so that students may practice at their own pace. Beginners are always welcome.

RESTORATIVE YOGA:  Using bolsters, blankets and other props, the body is given an opportunity to rest deeply while being fully supported. As an antidote to our fast paced technological world, restorative yoga is a perfect way to create an oasis of calm and bring balance to body, mind and spirit. Also helpful for those recovering from illness, injury, surgery or loss.


Please bring your own yoga mat. Using your own mat is more hygienic and represents a commitment to your practice. Yoga East does have mats available if you don’t have one.

There are also blankets, blocks and straps available for your use.


Catherine Heighway and Valerie Hobson.