Todd Norian Testimonial

For the past several years, we have been strongly influenced by acclaimed international teacher Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga. His teaching has inspired us and motivated us to pursue the opening of Spanda Yoga and Retreats. He has kindly offered the following endorsement. We look forward to having Todd visit us and offer workshops with Spanda Yoga in the near future.

toddheadshot-smileCatherine Heighway and Valerie Hobson are two of the most gifted, skilled, and knowledgeable yoga teachers. Their dedication to the science and art of yoga is unparalleled. They are two teachers who truly walk their talk. Their hearts are open and receptive and they know how to create a safe haven and sanctuary of peace for the true transformation of the heart. I can guarantee that you will automatically come home to your heart after the first few breaths of any of their classes. They both have a way of creating a non-competitive, supportive, and loving community. Taking classes at their studio is definitely the right step in bringing the best version of yourself forward.  Wishing You the Best, Todd Norian”