FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

3D FAQ ButtonDo you have a question about yoga or about Spanda Yoga? Here’s a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs). We hope they help you out. If you can’t find the answer here then we invite you to submit your question to us by clicking here. We promise we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q. I have never taken yoga before and don’t want to be embarrassed by my lack of knowledge. What should I expect in your classes?
A. Spanda Yoga teaches classes at all levels in a non-judgmental and non-competitive atmosphere. We offer support and encouragement to all students, no matter what level you are working at – from brand new beginner to more advanced practitioners.

Q. Do you teach hot yoga?
A. Spanda Yoga does not offer hot yoga classes. We teach a traditional form of hatha yoga in a comfortable temperature studio. Your body will develop internal heat through the practice. There are other studios in London that offer hot yoga.

Q. What kind of yoga do you teach?
A. We offer traditional hatha yoga in the Ashaya method as taught by Todd Norian. Please come and try out the classes to see what teacher, style and time fits for you.

Q. Isn’t yoga primarily for young people who are already fit and flexible?
A. Yoga is suitable for all ages. Your age or level of fitness should not prevent you from taking yoga. At Spanda Yoga, we offer adult classes to all ages.  Many of our students are from the “baby boom” and “baby boom echo” generations, however, all ages are welcome.

Q. Isn’t yoga mainly for women?
A. All of the classes at Spanda Yoga are open to men and women. Men will typically find poses requiring hip and hamstring flexibility more challenging however they often excel at poses requiring upper body strength. The opposite is typically true for women. Our aim is to provide well rounded classes which will offer a feeling of competency and a challenge to both genders. It is not uncommon for husbands and wives to attend classes together.

Q. I have done yoga before but I haven’t taken a class in years. I feel very out of shape. Will this affect my participation in a class?
A. Many students are coming back to yoga after some time away. In the practice, we start from wherever we are and grow from there. Your body will remember the practice and you will feel more confident and comfortable over time.

Q. I have an injury that limits my flexibility. Can I still take yoga and should I be worried about aggravating my condition?
A. It depends on the injury. You may consult with us by phone at 519-871-0661 or drop in to see us prior to a class. We also recommend that you discuss your participation with your health care provider. You can talk with your teacher prior to taking your first class and she will advise and assist you during the class. Yoga done mindfully with good alignment can help heal previous injuries and improve your health. Occasionally, a private class or series of private classes may help you transition from illness and/or injury to a regular class.

Q. Do I need any special clothing to take yoga?
A. You do not need to purchase any special clothing to take yoga. We suggest you wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that will allow you to move easily. Layers of clothing such as t-shirts, sweat shirts or hoodies can also be helpful. Most students practice in bare feet however if you have a pre-existing condition that necessitates wearing shoes, please wear light indoor shoes or yoga socks.

Q. What do I need to bring with me?
A. We recommend that you purchase your own mat and we can advise you on what to look for. We have a variety of yoga props that are free for your use such as blocks, blankets and straps. If you prefer to bring your own props, that is fine also. You may want to bring a water bottle with a non-spill lid.

Q. I am not sure I will like yoga. Can I try it for just one class?
A. You are welcome to take any class that is offered by Spanda Yoga on a pre-arranged drop in basis. Our class time and fee schedules are posted on our website.

Q. Does Spanda Yoga offer private classes?
A. Yes, we offer private classes to individual students or small groups on a pre-arranged basis. We can provide these classes at our location or at another location. Feel free to contact us for more information and we will be happy to discuss your interests.

Q.  I have more questions to ask. Who should I contact?
A.  Feel free to contact us at your convenience. You may phone us at 519-871-0661 or send an email to: spandaretreats@hotmail.com. You are also welcome to drop in and speak to Catherine or Valerie prior to one of their classes – we will be happy to help you!