About Spanda Yoga & Retreats

Spanda is a Sanskrit word that means pulsation. It is considered to be the principle energy of life. Spanda is reflected around us in the cycles of nature and within us in the beat of our hearts and the flow of our breath.

We are always fluctuating between an energy that is expansive, freeing and outgoing and an energy that is contracted, drawn in and reflective. It can be a challenge to create balance in life. In our culture, our fast paced lives demand an outpouring of energy most of the time – being in the workforce, looking after children, grandchildren and aging parents, attending to the many of details of life. The ancient practices of yoga and meditation can help you restore balance, maintain good health and optimize your well being at any stage of life.

Valerie Hobson and Catherine Heighway have been good friends for many years. They have taken part in numerous yoga trainings, workshops and retreats. As women with full, busy lives as well as avid yoga students and teachers, they have come to deeply appreciate the value of regular yoga classes and taking time away on retreat.

Valerie and Catherine are partners in Spanda Yoga and Retreats and teach classes at two locations in London, Ontario.

Spanda Yoga and Retreats offers a safe haven for yoga students of all ages and levels of ability, with a wide range of adult classes and workshops uniquely harmonized with the pulsation of the seasons. Our local retreats are a chance to pause, take a deep breath and reconnect with the deep peace and joy that reside at the centre of ourselves. Please visit our Retreats page for more details (click here…).